This documentation is a place for developers looking to integrate or build on top of Zerion.
Hey! Glad to see you are interested in integrating with Zerion. We've built an interface that offers the easiest and simplest way for DeFi investors to manage their portfolio, and we're happy to share the tools that made that possible. Find some options below on how we can work together. If you need some inspiration, check out our Featured Partners section.

Integrate Zerion API in your app

If you are looking to integrate Zerion's API into your dapp or application, head over to the Websocket API section. There, you will find examples of how to connect to Zerion and fetch information for Ethereum wallet addresses, protocols and tokens.

Integrate your protocol to Zerion

If you are looking to integrate your protocol to Zerion, navigate to the DeFi SDK section of this documentation.

Looking to get your token listed on Zerion? Submit your request here!

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