Creating your adapters

Great to see that you want your protocol to be integrated with Zerion, and we would love to support you!

The fastest way for Zerion app to support your protocol is to create a DeFi SDK adapter. There are two types of adapters in the DeFi SDK: read-only adapters and interactive.

Create a read-only adapter

Read-only adapters help Zerion track your protocol's data on-chain. By creating a read-only adapter, your protocol token and positions would be visible for all Zerion users. If you just need to integrate tracking of your protocol in Zerion, head over to the guide here.

Create an interactive adapter

If you want to create a full support for your protocol in Zerion, you might want to create an interactive adapter for the DeFi SDK. Once you implement it and our team enables it on our side, Zerion users will be able to deposit and withdraw money from your protocol. Ready to get your protocol in front of all Zerion users? Jump right in.