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Decentralized lending & borrowing protocol. Aave market.

Asset adapter Debt adapter


Aave • Uniswap Market

Decentralized lending & borrowing protocol. Uniswap market.

Asset adapter Debt adapter

"AToken Uniswap Market"


An adaptive money built on sound economics.

Asset adapter


Non-custodial portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.

Asset adapter supports all Balancer pools

"Balancer pool token"


Automated liquidity protocol.

Asset adapter supports Bancor pools starting from version 11



Decentralized lending & borrowing protocol.

Asset adapter Debt adapter Governance adapter



Exchange liquidity pool for stablecoin trading. Supports all pools.

Asset adapter

"Curve pool token"

DDEX • Lending

Decentralized lending and borrowing

Asset adapter

DDEX • Margin

Decentralized margin trading

Asset adapter Debt adapter

DDEX • Spot

Decentralized trading

Asset adapter

DeFi Money Market

Crypto through revenue-producing real world assets.

Asset adapter



Decentralized trading platform. All 4 markets (WETH, SAI, USDC, DAI) are supported.

Asset adapter Debt adapter


Yield aggregator for lending platforms.

Asset adapter

"IdleToken" (v2/v3)

Yield aggregator for lending platforms. Protocol adapter is duplicated for v2 and v3 versions of protocol.

Asset adapter



Platform that allows KNC token holders to participate in governance.

Asset adapter


A simple ERC20 wrapper over the Dai Savings Protocol.

Asset adapter

"Chai token"

Dai Savings Protocol

Decentralized lending protocol.

Asset adapter

Maker Governance

MKR tokens locked on the MakerDAO governance contracts.

Asset adapter

Multi-Collateral Dai

Collateralized loans on Maker.

Asset adapter Debt adapter


mStable unifies stablecoins, lending and swapping into one standard.

Asset adapter



Decentralized no-loss lottery. Supports SAI, DAI, and USDC pools.

Asset adapter

"PoolTogether pool"


Synthetic assets protocol. Asset adapter returns amount of SNX locked as collateral.

Asset adapter Debt adapter


Automated asset management strategies.

Asset adapter


Uniswap V1

Automated liquidity protocol.

Asset adapter supports all Uniswap V1 pools

"Uniswap V1 pool token"

Uniswap V2

Automated liquidity protocol.

Asset adapter supports all Uniswap V2 pools

"Uniswap V2 pool token"

0x Staking

Liquidity rewards for staking ZRX.

Asset adapter