Featured Partners
Explore how other teams use Zerion's API to power their amazing applications

Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow leverages Zerion's Websocket API to power the most simple non-custodial Ethereum wallet. Rainbow was our very first integration partner, and they have been using Zerion for more than a year now.

Stake DAO

Stake DAO uses Zerion's API to focus on what they do best: automated investment strategies.


DexGuru uses Zerion's API to support traders with real-time information about wallet balances for ERC20 and BEP20 tokens.

DeFi Market Cap

DeFi Market Cap features the top 100 DeFi tokens by market capitalization. It uses Zerion's Websocket API to fetch the prices and market capitalizations of DeFi assets in real-time.
And many more, including:
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